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Our Focus on Sustainability

At Bridge Farm we feel that using natural resources brings with it a responsibility to ensure there are no associated negative impacts, and an opportunity to contribute towards positive change that benefits both people and planet.

Our Strategy

Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to guide our strategy, we monitor our impact and contribution in five key areas: Good Health, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Innovation, Responsible Consumption, and Protecting Life on Land.


We want to play our part in protecting and restoring the planet’s health. By improving the environmental sustainability of our business we will also be more resilient to the demands of the future.

Our Carbon Footprint

Since 2020 we have been recording and reporting our carbon footprint according to the GHG Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. In 2023 we will be setting science-based emission reduction targets with the SBTi to contribute to the global objective of achieving net zero.

Growing Sustainably

There are several features of our glasshouse that help us to use natural resources responsibly. From the glasshouse roof where we capture millions of litres of rainwater, to the biomass boilers that we use to heat our crops, and the bio pest control management system that helps us to use less chemicals. We ensure all aspects of our cultivation and manufacturing processes are as sustainable as possible.

Corporate Governance

At Bridge Farm we are committed to operating at the highest standards of corporate governance. Our executive team with the support of our board advisors are driven to operate responsibly, with integrity and transparency, whilst creating sustainable value for our shareholders and stakeholders.